Myrath – Tales of the Sands Review

Myrath – Tales of the Sands Review

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Progressive metal band from Tunisia
Started in 2001 and released three long players, the first in 2007, the latest in 2011
Their music has rather interesting elements of Oriental and Arabian music that are incorporated well into the progressive vein that make their music stand out from most other bands

I believe the band members were under or around twenty years old at the time of the first release!

They played Progpower EU festival twice

Tales of the sands

01. Under siege
02. Braving the seas
03. Merciless Times
04. Tales of the sands
05. Sour Sigh
06. Dawn within
07. Wide shut
08. Requiem for a goodbye
09. Beyond the stars
10. Time to grow
Bonus tracks
Apostrophe for a legend
Fate in motion