Mystic Prophecy

Power metal band from Germany

Mystic Prophecy have released 7 CDs during the past eleven years

their style is solid metal, nice guitar work, nice vocals, some good melodies, no synths (at least on this album)

I bought their album Fireangel (2009) that came with a bonus CD with some live tracks. I feel it is a little uninspired though there are a few quite good tracks, but it made me neither inclined to check out their latest release Ravenlord (2011) nor to see them play live. If there are any fans out there I’d love you to write a guest post about their latest album

CD 1
01. Across the Gates of Hell
02. Demons Crown
03. We Kill! You Die!
04. Father Save Me
05. To the Devil I Pray
06. Fireangel
07. Fight Back the Light
08. Death Under Control
09. Revolution Evil
10. Gods of War
11. Forever Betrayed

CD2 Japan Special
01. Crimson Devastation
02. Stranger In Me
03. The King Is Back
04. War In The Sky
05. Sacrifice Me
Live Songs
06. Dark Forces
07. Sign Of The Cross
08. Evil Empires
09. Demons Blood
10. Masters Of Sin
11. Satanic Curses
12. In The Darkness
12. Shadows Beyond My Soul