Progressive, technical metal from Chile, different from what I usually post here, but I am impressed ūüôā

Worth a listen if you like prog metal pushed to the edge

Started in 2001, released two full albums and an EP between 2004 and 2008. They incorporate jazz/fusion into metal, very effective, exciting and appealing and on a high level of musicianship.
instrumental or at most spoken word

Line up was Cristobal Orozco (Drums), Braulio Aspe (Bass), Fernando Daza (Guitar) and Jorge Benavides (Guitar), they seem to have split in 2009 or 2010. Orozco is now touring with the popular singer/songwriter Myriam Hernandez (omg), Aspe plays with the (thrash? speed? death?)-metal All Tomorrows Band;

what the other two are up to I could not find out, if anyone knows please leave a comment.

You can still get their records from the label here: http://www.mylodonrecords.com