Outworld was a progressive metal band formed in 1997 by guitarist Rusty Cooley, and disbanded in 2009. Their name is allegedly taken from the fictional Outworld realm of the Mortal Kombat video games.

The original line-up of the band was keyboardist Bobby Williamson, who joined Thought Chamber for a short while and has recently released an album with Eumeria; guitarist Rusty Cooley whose current band project is Day of Reckoning; drummer Darren Davis who joined Six Minute Century and Mystic Cross later, bassist Brent Marches. They set out to make instrumental music but soon after decided they wanted to also have vocals and added Kelly Carpenter.
Later Shawn Kascak as bassist, Matt Smith as drummer and Carlos Zema as singer replaced Marches, Davis and Carpenter.
In December 2004, Outworld signed with Replica Records and recorded their only album, Outworld which was released 2006.

Track listing:
cover artRaise Hell
The Never
City of the Dead
Prelude to Madness
The Grey Tide
I Thanatos
Polar” (Japan bonus track)