Pathosray is an Italian progressive metal band founded in 2000, originally called N.D.E., by Ivan Monibidin (drums), Luca Luison (guitars), and Marco Sandron (vocals).

Their first demo, Strange Kind of Energy, was released in 2002 under their new name, Pathosray.

In 2006, the band’s line-up changed; with Fabio D’Amore on bass and Gianpaolo Rinaldi on keyboards, the band published their second demo, Deathless Crescendo.

Their self-titled debut album, Pathosray, was picked up by Intromental Management in Denmark. This led to a deal with the American-based record company Sensory Records, which released the album during the last quarter of 2007.

Review on Allmusic: “This album is firmly, stubbornly planted in a pre-’90s, pre-Nevermind aesthetic; from the shiny, glossy guitar solos to the keyboards (which clearly say ’70s and ’80s rather than ’90s or 2000s) to the fantasy-based lyrics, Pathosray are caught in a stylistic time warp and make no apology for it. Some will say that tracks like “The Sad Game,” “Scent of Snow,” “Faded Crystals,” and “Emerald City” sound dated, but dated isn’t necessarily a bad thing; Pathosray, in fact, wear it like a badge of honor, and their ’70s and ’80s worship is never the least bit ironic on this generally decent, if less than distinctive, contribution to prog metal.”

They played ProgPower USA and Progpower EU in 2008. 

In May 2009, they released their second album, Sunless Skies. 2010 a new guitarplayer was announced and work started on a new album. Fabio D’Amore joined the Austrian power metal band Serenity that same year though. After that it grew very quiet, no news about the band and indeed I am not sure if they are still active.


Strange Kind of Energy (2002)
Deathly Crescendo (2006)
Pathosray (2007)
Sunless Skies (2009)

1. Crown Of Thorns
2. Behind The Shadows
3. Aurora
4. Quantic Enigma
5. In Your Arms
6. Sons Of The Sunless Sky
7. The Coldest Lullaby
8. Perpetual Eclipse (Interludium)
9. Poltergeis
10. For The Last Time – 2009 version (bonus track Europe/USA)
11. Rainfall (bonus track Japan)

last known line up

Ivan Moni Bidin – drums
Fabio D’Amore – bass
Marco Sandron – vocals
Gianpaolo Rinaldi – keboards
Antonio Petris – guitar