The PUi Tribe, a phenomenon

Yesterday I came across a band called PUi, or the PUi Tribe who are going to release their debut album Neo-Primal this Sat in NYC.

They are streaming the album from their homepage and, well they had me glued. It’s hard to describe their music, think System Of A Down with indigenous tribal drums, electronics, oriental fillings and an experimental prog metal guitarist. But where SOAD are simplistic in their song structures PUi are overflowing, where SOAD is provocative and critical, PUi are striving to unite. Their music has a hypnotic quality to it, and when you watch the live performances on video the feeling of taking part in a jungle trance ritual is hightened even more.

I never heard anything like this ever before and I was drawn in, wishing I was near New York to attend the release party.

Of course, when you listen long enough you find that the songs are very like each other, and may be more interesting heard live, together with a lot of  like minded people, in fact, they work with the crowd and through the crowd. Of course me, I distrust crowds and feel uncomfortable when a mass of people get all worked up into a trance or something like it, but I could almost imagine getting warm with this. 

Anyhow, this band is more than a band, it is a phenomenon. It seems they built a massive following since their beginnings (not sure when that was); through their live shows that seem to include drum jams, bodypainting and even tattooing; calling their followers a tribe who wear the sign of the half moon (crescent) tattooed on their body; like the band were filling in some social holes, giving home to the lost. They raised 10k bucks in a crowdfunding campaign for their debut album alone and frequently sell out their shows in NYC. The band members are called or rather given the titles of Prince, Siren, Makina, Shaa,Tek and Ki. The line-up is completed by Leo, Brian, Ory, Liron, and Justin.  ‘When the day comes, these titles will pass on to successors chosen by the previous holders. This tradition aims to make The PUi Tribe a bright burning flame of expression for generations to come. ‘ … Founder of The PUi Tribe is a native from Anatolia called Nazimcan Shuva, who states that PUi to him means Tabula Rasa. A clean slate to build a hype on …

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