Shadow Gallery

Shadow Gallery look back upon more than thirty years of band history. Hailing from Pennsylvania,  they were the second band ever to be signed by Magna Carta Records label (first was Magellan).

They released their first album in 1992 before their line-up was even complete.

2008 their long time singer Mark baker died only 45 years of age, but the band carried on finding a singer that was a full and very similar replacement in Brian Ashland.

Now, their last tour is two years past and members of the band have joined several side projects. Info on their homepage is rather outdated, so I don’t know how the band will move on from here.

Music is sometimes very heavy, then again soft, always melodic and with a touch of symphonic and neo-classic, very listenable

They have put out six studio albums:

Shadow Gallery (1992)
Carved in Stone (1995)
Tyranny (1998)
Legacy (2001)
Room V (2005)
Digital Ghosts (2009)

1.”With Honor”
4.”Gold Dust”
6.”Digital Ghost”