Sonata Arctica announce UK tour for April 2013

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Finnish power metal quintet Sonata Arctica have announced some long-awaited UK dates in support of their 7th studio release ‘Stones Grow Her Name’. Mixing hard work with a good dose of both unique talent and pioneering innovation, Sonata Arctica have seen every album they have released to date going Gold in Finland as well as building a rabid UK fanbase.

Nearly two years have passed since Sonata Arctica headlined the UK, so we are extremely excited to announce their return in April 2013, bringing their ‘Stones Grow Her Name’ album, released last May, to the UK.

Henrik Klingenberg (Keyboard / Vocals) comments;

“It’s been about two years since we last hit the UK and I’m very excited to announce that we’ll be back in April. Looking forward to having a couple of nice ciders in the pubs as well as kicking some serious ass. It will once again be legendary….see…

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“Shitload Of Money,” the new video featuring the bright lights of Las Vegas (aka “Sin City”), Nevada and Finnish wolf pack SONATA ARCTICA, is now available

The video was made by the Finnish production company Optipari Ltd.

In his interview with, lead singer Tony Kakko shared some information about the song:

“[Y]ou cannot sell something you cannot buy back. A lot of people, especially on Facebook and other social media – and they should consider this! – they are putting their face and privacy out there and you can’t get it back.”

The track comes from SONATA ARCTICA’s latest album, Stones Grow Her Name, which debuted at #9 on the English rock album charts and achieved Gold status in SONATA’s native country for the ninth Finnish Gold disc of their career.

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Sonata Arctica

Sonata Arctica were born ‘at the edge of the world’ as they say on their homepage, in the north of Finland. 1996 saw them starting as a band in the name of Tricky Beans, changed later to Tricky Means, until in 1999 while recording a demo the powermetal side of the band was finally discovered and Sonata Arctica was born and baptised.

They were signed almost immediately and started releasing album after album, so far the running order:

Ecliptica 1999

Silece 2001

Songs Of Silence 2002

Winterheart’s Guild 2003

Reckoning Night 2004

For The Sake Of Revenge 2006

Unia 2007

Ecliptica & Silence remastered 2008

The Days Of Greys 2009

Stones Grow Her Name 2012:

Only The Broken Hearts (make you beautiful)
Shitload O’ Money
Losing My Insanity
Somewhere Close To You
I Have A Right
Alone In Heaven
The Day
Don’t Be Mean
Wildfire, Part: II – One With The Mountain
Wildfire, Part: III – Wildfire Town, Population: 0
Bonus tracks
Tonight I Dance Alone (US and EU)
One-Two-Free-Fall (Japan)

Tony Kakko – Vocals, Backing vocals, additional keyboards
Elias Viljanen – Guitars
Henrik Klingenberg – Keyboards
Marko Paasikoski – Bass
Tommy Portimo – Drums