New video by Theocracy

Theocracy have reuploaded the new video for  “Hide In The Fairytale” from the album As The World Bleeds for better viewing experience



Melodic Christian powermetal with progressive elements

Their albums are def on my wishlist! I am listening on youtube and haven’t found a single track that is not exceptional yet.

Theocracy is the brainchild of Matt Smith of Athens, Georgia. He wrote and recorded all the music and instruments for the first release back in 2003. Since then a band of congenial musicians gathered round him and have releases two more albums: Mirror Of Souls and last year:

As The World Bleeds (2011)

  1. I AM
  2. The Master Storyteller
  3. Nailed
  4. Hide In The Fairytale
  5. The Gift of Music
  6. 30 Pieces of Silver
  7. Drown
  8. Altar to the Unknown God
  9. Light of the World
  10. As the World Bleeds

To really get in the mood for this band check in to youtube and listen to the 22 min title track of their second album:

and then listen to this <