Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point is an Australian band formed in the early 1990 ies

They released four albums, the last one in 2007. They put out some really nice power metal tunes, others I’d label as rock pure and simple.

Vanishing Point were the first unsigned band ever to play the prestigious Wacken Open Air and shared the stage with a who’s who of the hard rock and metal world, including Iron Maiden, Nightwish, DragonForce, Helloweeen, and Joe Satriani, to name just a few

They are giving away a lot of their songs for free here:

According to their home page they have just found a new guitar player and are recording their next album – if, as they say it is going to be harder and with a tinge more prog to it – it is indeed something I look forward to
On the whole a band well worth checking out

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