Suncrown is a truly international symphonic/epic metal band formed in 2011 by songwriter and keyboardist Oleg Biblyi (Ukraine) and vocalist Darren Crisp (USA). Then  guitarist Gustavo Bonfá (Brazil) and bassist Ederson Prado (Brazil) joined the group. In July 2011 Suncrown released their first video clip Follow Your Dream. In October Suncrown released a video clip in memory of Ronnie James Dio, Children of the Sea (Black Sabbath cover) with legendary drummer Vinny Appice (Dio, Black Sabbath and Heaven & Hell). Female singer Juliana Furlani (Brazil) and drummer Tim Zuidberg (Netherlands) then joined and in February 2012 another video clip, Believe, was recorded with 2 new members: guitarist Kevin Ellerby (USA) and flute player Uğur Kerem Cemiloğlu (Turkey). In June again a video was released: Eyes of the World, which showed the full group for the first time. In November 2012 the debut CD titled Follow Your Dream was released, and the second album You Are Not Alone is announced for a July release so stay tuned. Not only does this band master the difficulties of having members in four different continents, but also do they sound very skilled and very epic.
Darren Crisp – Vocals
Juliana Furlani – Vocals
Oleg Biblyi – Keyboards
Kevin Ellerby – Guitar
Ederson Prado – Bass guitar
Tim Zuidberg – Drums
Ugur Kerem Cemiloglu – Flute

Past Members:
Gustavo Bonfá – Guitar

Follow Your Dream 2012

1. Believe
2. Make This Life Worth Living
3. Eyes of the World
4. War Spirit
5. Destiny Call
6. Follow Your Dreams
7. Legend of the Forgotten Centuries
8. Beautiful Light
8. When Hearts Want to be Together
9. Lone Ship
10. Children of the Sea (Black Sabbath cover)

Age Of Arthemis free download

Brazilian Power / Prog metallers Age Of Arthemis have just started on their new album, follower up of their 2011 release  “Overcoming Limits”.

In Brazil they are supported by (Ex-Angra, Almah) Edu Falschi, in Europe they have secured the services of German based Power Prog Label & Distro. For promotion they are giving away the track ‘Thruth In Your Eyes’ from the debut album for free here:


SoulSpell – A metal opera

From Theocracy’s page I hit a Soulspell video on youtube, and if you like Soupergroups and collaborations like Avantasia you will love this one.

A Legacy Of Honor was released in 2008 followed by the second album The Labyrinth Of Truths in 2010. The project has appearances from metal heavyweights such as Roland Grapow (Helloween, Masterplan), Zak Stevens (Circle II Circle, Savatage), Jon Oliva (TSO, Savatage), Blaze Bayley (Iron Maiden), Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens (Yngwie Malmsteen, Judas Priest, Iced Earth, etc.), Edu Falaschi (Angra) and Nando Fernandes (Hangar). Music is composed by the Brazilian drummer Heleno Vale

Unfortunately, for me, the website is in Portugese only, but you can check in to see the line up that is very interesting, or you can visit their myspace for some English info, or read an interview with Vale here and here

The third album has been released just these few days ago,

Hollow’s Gathering cover art

1.Hollow’s Gathering
2.A Rescue Into the Storm
3.To Crawl or to Fly
5.Adrian’s Call
6.Change the Tide
7.From Hell
8.The Keeper’s Game
9.The Dead Tree
10.A Whisper Inside

Age of Artemis

Age Of Arthemis is a Brazilian progressive powermetal band. Their debut album “Overcoming Limits” produced by Edu Falschi (Ex-Angra / Almah) was released in December 2011. The clips I heard so far sound very promising, think I’ll keep track of that band.

1. What Lies Behind…
2. Echoes Within
3. Mystery
4. Take Me Home
5. Truth in Your Eyes
6. Break Up the Chains
7. One Last Cry
8. You’ll See
9. God, Kings and Fools
10. Till the End
11. R.J.P.     (Bonustrack Japanese Release)


Alírio Netto (Vocal)
Nathan Grego (Guitars)
Gabriel “T-Bone” Soto (Guitars)
Giovanni Sena (Bass)
Pedro Senna (Drums)


Angra was a powermetal band with progressive and neo-classical elements, from Brazil

They had their peak and were very successful in the 1990ies and released quite a number of discs. Though the sound may seem dated on some of the songs the music still has a lot to say for

It is a classic band you should check out, I have made a playlist for your exploration, my fav albums are Fireworks and Rebirth, the latest, Aqua (2010)  I do not like so much

Latest news: Singer Edu Falaschi declared he’s leaving Angra for good taking bass player Felipe Andreoli with him to pursue a former side project that has ripened into the band Almah full time

Guitar player Kiko Loureiro has already released some solo albums


Angels Cry – 1993
Holy Land – 1996
Fireworks – 1998
Rebirth – 2001
Temple of Shadows – 2004
Aurora Consurgens – 2006
Aqua – 2010aqua cover art

1. Viderunt Te Aquae
2. Arising Thunder
3. Awake from Darkness
4. Lease of Life
5. The Rage of the Waters
6. Spirit of the Air
7. Hollow
8. A Monster in Her Eyes
9. Weakness of a Man
10. Ashes