Fireland present new single – Power metal from Chile

I already wrote about Fireland’s first release back then, and since it has been re-released for Europe by the German Power Prog label.

Now the new album is coming up and here is the first single out on youtube.

For me, it’s ok powermetal, nothing outstanding but quite solid. Only the lyrics are a bit of a turn off for me, too shallow and cliche I think. But still, a listenable track. Let’s see what the album will bring



Fireland is a power metal band from Santiago de Chile, the current line up is Matias Vidal (guitars), Gonzalo Gamio (Drums), Claudio Gonzalez (Bass), Rafael Castillo (guitar/vocals).

Fireland began as a solo project in 2006, Rafael Castillo had written the material and was encouraged by guitarist and producer Franco Lama (The Shrink) to record those songs. Later the band was formed and gigs played locally .

The only album so far entitled God N’ Evil was released in 2010

01. Ancient Time
02. Azgaroth
03. Here I Am
04. God ‘n Evil
05. Believe
06. Where is Heaven
07. Turn Off The Lights
08. Politica
09. Moonpatrol
10. It ‘s Not Magic
11. Dream


Progressive, technical metal from Chile, different from what I usually post here, but I am impressed 🙂

Worth a listen if you like prog metal pushed to the edge

Started in 2001, released two full albums and an EP between 2004 and 2008. They incorporate jazz/fusion into metal, very effective, exciting and appealing and on a high level of musicianship.
instrumental or at most spoken word

Line up was Cristobal Orozco (Drums), Braulio Aspe (Bass), Fernando Daza (Guitar) and Jorge Benavides (Guitar), they seem to have split in 2009 or 2010. Orozco is now touring with the popular singer/songwriter Myriam Hernandez (omg), Aspe plays with the (thrash? speed? death?)-metal All Tomorrows Band;

what the other two are up to I could not find out, if anyone knows please leave a comment.

You can still get their records from the label here: