Silent Lapse

Quite recently I loaded my car stereo with a USB drive containing loads of music I had downloaded or that had been submitted to me, most of it not tagged properly, so half the time I wasn’t sure what I was listening to. But these guys have created some music that sticks. Melodies kept popping into my head, riffs and licks took my fancy. In the end I went out and started looking for the name of the band – voila, Silent Lapse. Melodies, instruments,  vocals, production all work together to make this an outstanding piece of music.

Silent Lapse is a melodic progressive metal band from USA. It was formed in 2007 just to play a one-off festival gig dubbed “Arkfest” in their home town of Westphalia, Michigan. They played Arkfest in August of 2007 performing covers, ranging from Breaking Benjamin to Dream Theater and Joe Satriani.

After the success of Arkfest, the four decided they would continue on to pursue creating an album based on the original music two of them had been working on for two years prior.

Their first album “Birthright” was completed within two years of the full band writing and rehearsing together. Mixing and mastering was done by Jens Bogren (of Opeth and Katatonia fame). The album was met with widespread praise, and the band played many shows supporting it. The band chose to go the Radiohead way and gave (and still are giving) away the album download for free, selling physical copies from 2,63$ up thus creating quite a number of enthusiastic fans. Go on, download the album now!

In 2011 a music video for “The Wake” from their debut album was released.
In 2012 the band have been touring and also started recording their second album.

Birthright is a concept album, you can download the lyrics from the band’s home page.Silent Lapse Birthright cover art


  1. A New Melody
  2. Beyond The Gardens
  3. Reach
  4. Final Error
  5. The Wake
  6. Solitude
  7. Deliberation
  8. Seed Of Hope
  9. Birthright

Line Up:

Mitchell Feldpausch – Guitar
Taylor Feldpausch – Drums
Scott Martin – Vocals/Keys
Matt Schrauben – Bass
Wyatt Aldrich – Guitar



Prog metal from Italy, founded in 1998 and disbanded in 2010. The band released an EP and two concept albums. Underground Symphony Records were immediately willing to pay for the recording of the debut album “Wetwired”, and the band recorded it summer of 2001 in record time, but the release was postponed and finally the rights were sold to Limb Music and the album was released 2004.

They played a lot of shows in Italy, among others as opener for Eldritch.

Altered Feelings (Demo, 1998)
Wetwired (2004)
Evol (2008)evol artwork

  1. Falling into Ataraxia
  2. Numb
  3. A Sudden Reawakening
  4. Fragile Hopes
  5. Soul Forgery
    • Tabula Rasa
    • Illusion for a New Mind
    • Failure In Reinventing Myself
  6. And then Nothing Remains…
  7. He Devoured My Dreams
  8. The Reap
  9. The Masterplan
  10. Nemesis’ End
  11. Away
Tiziano Romano – git
Alessandro Bracaloni – drums
Lisa Oliviero – bass
Valerio Voliani – vox, replaced by Titta Tani
Davide Alberti – git, replaced by Francesco Caprina
Andrea Baroni – keys

Beyond The Bridge

Beyond the Bridge are a German prog band formed 2005 by Peter Degenfeld-Schonburg for a project he had entitled “The Old Man and the Spirit”. For the next five years together with keyboarder Christopher Tarnow he completed the songs and the story of this slowly evolving concept album. Some of the members of the band had played in a school band together earlier.

The studio recordings for “The Old Man and the Spirit” started in 2008 at Gatestudio (owner Sascha Paeth produced Kamelot and Epica amongst others),  the album was completed only in 2011, and released on Frontiers Records in January 2012.

Update: In September 2012 the band played ProgPower USA. Only a few days later Simon Oberender passed away, only 26 years old. Though they were stunned and deeply hit by this, the band announced about a month later they wanted to continue and start working on their second album in memoriam of Simon.

The Old Man and the Spirit (2012)


1. The Call (6:34)
2. The Apparition (8:04)
3. Triumph Of Irreality (6:11)
4. The Spring Of It All (1:48)
5. World Of Wonders (5:03)
6. The Primal Demand (2:07)
7. Doorway To Salvation (7:54)
8. The Struggle (5:23)
9. The Difference Is Human (7:56)
10. Where The Earth And Sky Meet (6:57)
11. All A Man Can Do (9:33)

Japan Bonus-Track:
12. All A Man Can Do (Orchestral Version)


Herbie Langhans – Vocals
Dilenya Mar – Vocals
Peter Degenfeld-Schonburg – Guitar
Christopher Tarnow – Keyboards
Dominik Stotzem – Bass
Fabian Maier – Drums
Simon Oberender – Keyboards/Guitar