Spheric Universe Experience

Prog metal from France  formed in 1999, very melodic, with symphonic and neo classic elements.

Formerly known as Gates Of Delirium and Amnesya.

Played ProgPower EU in 2007, Prog Power USA in 2008, opened for Threshold’s European tour in 2009  (with Serenity) and supported Vanden Plas in 2011.

The preview of the new album seems to show it as lighter, more melodic and symphonic than the previous release.

Discographycover art

Mental Torment  2005

Anima  2007

Unreal  2009

The New Eve  will be released in Nov 2012

Current members

  • Fred Colombo − Keyboard
  • Vince Benaim – Guitar
  • John Drai – Bass
  • Frank Garcia – Vocals
  • Christophe Briand – Drums

Former members

  • Sam (I) – Drums
  • Volodia Brice – Drums
  • Guillaume Morero – Drums
  • Nico Muller – Drums




Adagio is a French neo-classical progressive metal band, their music is dark, complex and played on a very high level of skill. The ruling spirit is Stéphan Forté the guitarist and composer who hired musicians back in 1999 to record the first album Sanctus Ignis. 2003 a stable band line-up had found itself and they toured for the first time.

To the question:”How would you describe Adagio ?” Stéphan Forté replies:” If I had to dedicate my life to create one, and only one painting, it would be a black and glossy painting, describing a detailed scene of the apocalypse, with beauty, passion and above all a strong dramatic dimension. The particularity of this painting is that it would have a size increasing constantly, each time getting deeper and wider”

Their releases:Archangels in Black

  • Sanctus Ignis (2001)
  • Underworld (2003)
  • A Band in Upperworld (Live-Album, 2004)
  • Dominate (2005)
  • Archangels In Black (2009)

and Stephan Forte’s solo album ‘The Shadows Compendium’ 2010

What they are up to now I am not sure, there’s not really been any update on their homepage since 2011, maybe you’ll find more info on facebook