Rebellion – Arminius – Furor Teutonicus Review

As big a power metal fan as I am, I have to admit I’ve never been as much into the more aggressive style that comes from Germany, even though it could be considered the origins of the genre. I love Helloween, but bands like Grave Digger are very hit and miss for me, so it’s no surprise I’ve missed out on quite a few similar bands due to not being terribly motivated to search for them. One of those is Rebellion, who I had never heard before I decided to try out their latest release “Arminius: Furor Teutonicus”, after hearing the song “Ala Germanica” and liking it. Apparently the band has gone through tough times recently, including the loss of guitarist/co-founder Uwe Lulis along with a couple other members, yet they decided to continue on with a much different line-up. I can’t speak for longtime fans, but I have to say I’m very impressed by what the band has come up with on their sixth full length album…. read more Rebellion – Arminius – Furor Teutonicus Review

Red Circuit

Red Circuit is a progressive metal (super)group from Germany.
It features members and guest musicians from VandenPlas, Adagio, Firewind and Elegy. The band’s debut album, Trance State, was released February 24, 2006 via LMP Records. According to the band, the album’s lyrics were inspired by a volume of poetry by Klaus Kinski. The second album, Homeland was released in 2009. In 2011 they played ProgPower USA.

In August 2012 the band updated that the pre-production for a new album was almost done, so there should be some release date up soon.


Chitral “Chity” Somapala – Lead vocals (ex-Firewind, Civilization One, Rekuiem, Power Quest)
Markus Teske – Keyboards
Christian Moser – Guitars
Tommy Schmitt – Bass
Michael Stein – Drums

Former members
Stephan Lill – Guitars (Vanden Plas, Missa Mercuria, Ian Parry)
Patrick Rondat (Elegy, Jean Michel Jarre, The Element, Furioso)
Stephan Forté (Adagio, Lightning Sword)
Oliver Noerdlinger
Frank Bodenheimer

Trance State (2006)
cover art

Homeland (2009)

01. Homeland
02. The World Forgotten Sons
03. Sun Of Utopia
04. Through The Eyes Of A Child
05. Absinth
06. Fall In The Skies
07. Healing Waters
08. Canonize Your Sins
09. See The Light
10. You Can Sleep While You’re Dead

STRATOVARIUS And AMARANTHE Teaming Up For Nordic Nexus Of Nemesis Tour 2013

STRATOVARIUS and AMARANTHE are teaming up in a doulbe headline bill next spring. The Nordic Nexus Of Nemesis Tour 2013 will kick off in Munich, Germany on March 20th, 2013.

Confirmed dates include:

20 – Backstagehalle – Munich, Germany
21 – Stadtgarten – Erfurt, Germany
22 – Masters Of Rock Cafe – Zlin, Czech Republic
23 – Club 202 – Budapest, Hungary
24 – Majestic Club – Bratislava, Slovakia
26 – Szene – Vienna, Austria
27 – Hirsch – Nürnberg, Germany
28 – Matrix – Bochum, Germany
29 – Grünspan – Hamburg, Germany
30 – De Pul – Uden, Netherlands
31 – La Cigale – Paris, France

2 – La Laiterie – Strasbourg, France
3 – Le Kao – Lyon, France
5 – Razzmatazz 2 – Barcelona, Spain
6 – Arena – Madrid, Spain
7 – Rock Star – Bilbao, Spain
9 – Z7 – Pratteln, Switzerland
10 – Alcatrazz – Milan, Italia
11 – Rockfabrik – Ludwigsburg, Germany
13 – PPM Fest (Festival) – Mons, Belgium


Beyond The Bridge

Beyond the Bridge are a German prog band formed 2005 by Peter Degenfeld-Schonburg for a project he had entitled “The Old Man and the Spirit”. For the next five years together with keyboarder Christopher Tarnow he completed the songs and the story of this slowly evolving concept album. Some of the members of the band had played in a school band together earlier.

The studio recordings for “The Old Man and the Spirit” started in 2008 at Gatestudio (owner Sascha Paeth produced Kamelot and Epica amongst others),  the album was completed only in 2011, and released on Frontiers Records in January 2012.

Update: In September 2012 the band played ProgPower USA. Only a few days later Simon Oberender passed away, only 26 years old. Though they were stunned and deeply hit by this, the band announced about a month later they wanted to continue and start working on their second album in memoriam of Simon.

The Old Man and the Spirit (2012)


1. The Call (6:34)
2. The Apparition (8:04)
3. Triumph Of Irreality (6:11)
4. The Spring Of It All (1:48)
5. World Of Wonders (5:03)
6. The Primal Demand (2:07)
7. Doorway To Salvation (7:54)
8. The Struggle (5:23)
9. The Difference Is Human (7:56)
10. Where The Earth And Sky Meet (6:57)
11. All A Man Can Do (9:33)

Japan Bonus-Track:
12. All A Man Can Do (Orchestral Version)


Herbie Langhans – Vocals
Dilenya Mar – Vocals
Peter Degenfeld-Schonburg – Guitar
Christopher Tarnow – Keyboards
Dominik Stotzem – Bass
Fabian Maier – Drums
Simon Oberender – Keyboards/Guitar


Helloween – the mother of all power metal bands or as they call it, ‘German melodic speed metal’ .

The Germans have released 13 albums and a best of for the 25th anniversary of the band since their beginnings in 1984

Former members have gone on to found numerous bands, including Gamma Ray, Iron Savior, Masterplan and Unisonic.

Currently they are working on the follow up to the 2010 release ‘7 Sinners’ therefore they will only play one show in Europe this year and one is announced for Japan in Fall.

Need I say more? No, just go listen and for more info check out their homepage


Avantasia is the solo project of Tobias Sammet, singer of the German band Edguy and also a kind of supergroup.

It started out in 1999 as a one-time studio-recording project for a ‘metal-opera’, but was called back to life in 2008 for a tour, more albums were relased and now it is official – work on a new album has begun and a release date set for sometime 2013.

The music can be best described as power metal with lots of different influences like classical music, a little prog, acoustic rock and hard rock.

Guest musicians appearing on the recordings and for the touring read like a who-is-who of metal and hard rock:  Michael Kiske (Ex-Helloween), Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation), Timo Tolkki (Ex-Stratovarius), Kai Hansen (Helloween, Gamma Ray, Iron Saviour, Unisonic), Alice Cooper, Roy Khan (Ex-Kamelot), Eric Singer (Kiss), Amanda Sommerville, Jorn Lande, Alex Holzwarth (Ex-Rhapsody), Sascha Paeth (producer of Kamelot, Epica), several members of Edguy, uh and many more.

A short overview of releases:

  • The Metal Opera:
    • 2001: The Metal Opera
    • 2002: The Metal Opera Part II
  • The Wicked Trilogy:
    • 2008: The Scarecrow
    • 2010: The Wicked Symphony
    • 2010: Angel of Babylon
  • The Flying Opera – 2011; live double CD and DVD

Check out Tobias’ homepage for more info and links (German and English):

and now delve into the music and enjoy, this is quite a unique experience:


Affector is another supergroup of power- and prog metal musicians, members of Neil Morse, Spock’s Beard and Symphony X have been active together here.

The album Harmagedon rather delivers what you expect, excellent musicianship, superb production and great songs, definitely check it out, though I must say, maybe I expected even more, hearing all those big names dropped.


– Daniel Fries / guitars
– Collin Leijenaar / drums
– Mike LePond / bass guitars
– Ted Leonard / vocals

Plus they have four special guests on keyboards: Jordan Rudess, Derek Sherinian, Neal Morse, and Alex Argento, also featured on the album is the Polish orchestra Sinfonietta Consonus.

The lyrical concept is about the Biblical Apocalypse, or End Times, timed for release now in early 2012 just before the world is coming to an end – well thought out boys 🙂

Now go find out for yourself what you think!


1. Overture pt.1: Introduction
2. Overture pt.2: Prologue
3. Salvation
4. The Rapture
5. Cry Song
6. Falling Away & The Rise Of The Beast
7. Harmagedon
8. New Jerusalem