Age Of Arthemis free download

Brazilian Power / Prog metallers Age Of Arthemis have just started on their new album, follower up of their 2011 release  “Overcoming Limits”.

In Brazil they are supported by (Ex-Angra, Almah) Edu Falschi, in Europe they have secured the services of German based Power Prog Label & Distro. For promotion they are giving away the track ‘Thruth In Your Eyes’ from the debut album for free here:



Illusion Suite stream new album The Iron Cemetary

The Norwegian melodic prog metallers Illusion Suite (read my first post here) are streaming snippets from their brand new album The Iron Cemetary on SoundCloud

and you can download Uni – Twins (single) for free! From their label’s facebook page here: 

(When you are there check out the other bands as well and the free samplers Brazil Rocks! And Prog Rocks! 1 & 2 🙂 )

The first reviews of the new album are coming one after the other now, visit Illusion Suit’s homepage for that.

I’d say definitely an album you must check out

Crimson Rain

Crimson Rain is a prog metal band from Argovia, Switzerland.

Mankind Is Obsolete by Crimson Rain cover art


1. Intro
2. Endgame
3. Vigour  of The Law
4. Raise of The Indignant
5. Our Gleam of Hope
6. Leap of Faith
7. Heliocentric

Running through their second release quickly, this is extremely well played, sometimes even technical metal with clean, powermetal like vocals. An interesting combination,  and the music fuses jazz, ambient and classical influences as well.

The title of the release sets the lyrical themes: ‘Mankind Is Obsolete’, based on a concept about diffrent stages of a global, political vision and their worshippers..

The first track after the intro, Endgame starts off with powerful guitar riffing, somewhat catchy vocal melodies, heavy and not too fast but with lots of drive. Guitar frills embroider and keep it interesting, never overdone. In the middle, a jazzy swing feel with pianos takes us to the guitar solo. This first track is the best on the album in my opinion, or maybe it seems so. The weakest point of the band are the vocals, the unvarying expression gets me a little down with time.
On the other hand, the melodies are not bad, check out Raise Of The indignant, the longest track on the release, a combination of classic hevy metal riffing and ballad style verses, catchy chorus and nice drum works.
All in all, the album leaves me with the impression of interesting instrumental stuff, not too fast paced metal/hardrock/jazz fusion with somewhat boring vocals. Well worth a ckeck out though!
It began in 2006, Lewis (Guitar) and Florian (Vocals) used to jam, and formed the band from there. The band highlightseems to have been a meeting with Dream Theater. (‘They are awesome guys and it was such an incredible honor to meet the guys.’) The band state that their biggest influence is Dream Theater, other influences cited are Opeth, and Creed.
Previous release is Way To Satori EP
The plans for the future are to play as much as possible, a little tour through Switzerland in autumn.
Line Up
Lead Vocals: Florian Siegrist
Guitar: Matthew Lewis
Bass: Vito Marrella
Drums: Alain Liesch

New album by Tellus Requiem – Invictus

Tellus Requiem, the Norwegian progressive metallers have put out their second album in January

Invictus (The 11th Hour) Tellus Requiem Invictus cover art

01. Ab Aeterno
02. Red Horizon
03. Eden Burns
04. Reflections Remain
05. Twilight Hour
06. Sands of Gold
07. Tranquility
08. Redemption (Frontiers 2)
09. Invictus
10. Dies Irae


Check out their page or you can stream on Spotify or Deezer. And this one, unlike their first is also available as a physical CD.

Invictus should place the band firmly in between the big names of the genre. The musicianship shown is superb, and the arrangements and the production quality are on the highest level. The vocals added by Ben Rodgers did a lot for the band, though I must say that I liked the vocal melodies of their first album better, they seem somehow more musical to me and more on the catchy side. In every other aspect this second album by the band shows a development that is amazing, and where their first album was really good, especially for a self-produced one, this is great.

The album line up:  Stig Nergård (guitars), Ivar Hagen Bøe (bass), Anders Berg Sundbø (keyboards, classic piano), Vidar Lehmann (drums), and Ben Rodgers (vocals)



Schysma – Imperfect Dichotomy EP review

I’d like to introduce you to Schysma, an Italian progressive metal band who released an EP in Septmeber 2012. I think these are tracks that will also go on the full album that is scheduled to be released later in the year.

Schysma EP cover art


01. Lost In The Maze

02. Noise Of Silence

03. Migdal

04. Supreme Solution

05. Sinners


First off Schysma is not your usual Italian metal that oozes epic heroism in symphonic brightness. Influences here may range from hard rock to industrial, and the most noteable sound at first are the vocals. Riccardo Minicucci’s voice has an extremely characteristic sound; maybe not everybody will like it, but I love it. And man, can this guy sing. Just you wait for the higher notes …  He’s got an ear for catchy melodies too and interesting vocal lines, never gaudy or cheesy, throwing in some perfect growls here and there.

The guitar parts are classic metal style, the solos just let you guess at the virtuosity of the player Vladimiro Sala, who never loses himself in pointless fast shred-overkills but serves the songs perfectly with Pink Floyd style solos. Here too we find catchy riffs that will stick although they are never simplistic or easy.

The keyboards add colour by use of sounds, I feel sure these will become a charcteristic hallmark for Schysma.

The whole EP comes across as a very powerful, dark and gloomy work of art that becomes more and more interesteing the more often I listen to it. The songs have drive and a lot of drama, that will not leave you unaffected. The lyrics are gloomy too. The intro to ‘Lost In The Maze’ is spoken by what I take to be a preacher ending with the repeated question, ‘What’s wrong with the world?’ and this seems to be the theme around which the songs are centered. Culminating in the song “Supreme Solution” with the words:  ‘… Genocide, ethnic cleansing, it’s all the fuck you need ..’

I definitely recommend checking this band out!

And that they are creative not only musically is proved by the pics on their facebook page, take a look at how they have a knack of creating athmospere visually.

A little background: It all started in 2009 as Purpleknights, but they soon disbanded again leaving Martina Bellini and Giorgio Di Paola working on the songs and who become the nucleus of Schysma. The band as it is now was formed in 2011 and 2012 and recordings for the EP must have started straight away. All band members have been active in different formations before that, but none of these bands are known to me at all (Ananke, SineVolume, Sehnsucht, Onderock,  Yanus, Babylon) but I read that Ananke put out a formidable power metal album in 2009 that you may be interested in checking out.

Martina Bellini – Keyboard and Programming
Giorgio Di Paola – Bass Guitar
Riccardo Minicucci – Lead and Backing Vocals
Vladimiro Sala – Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Luca Solina – Drums and Percussions

guest post by Heidi Bobal


X-Piral is a Greek power metal band with a very heavy sound, formed in Athens 2000.
After a first demo they were disappointed from the recording attempt and split up again.

A second attempt was made under the name Shadow Play. Michael Apostolakisas as vocalist made the band take off.
The band gave some live shows for a couple of months, and 2003 recordings started. They took a while, due to line-up changes and a band member leaving for a half year student exchange program.  By the time everything was finished it was discovered that another band had copyrighted the name Shadow Play and the band name changed to X-Piral.
In February 2005 debut album Poison Eyes was finally released. In 2007 Hunter was released. Very soon fterwards X-Piral replaced their vocalist Michael Apostolakis with Tassos K.
2010 they released the 5 track EP Grave New World.

Since then they have been playing some gigs, but never really managed to take a step outside of Greece.

1. Grave New Worldcover art

2. One Piece Of Paradise

3. Shatters In The Wind

4. Regression

5. One For All Kind

Band Members :

Tassos K: Vocals
Nick Papanikolaou : Lead Guitars
Dimitris Marinis : Synth & Piano
Makis Petritsis : Bass Guitar
Fragiskos Samoilis : Drums & Percussion


Progressive power metal from Austria. Formed in 2003 they have only released one album so far, Inhuman Nature, 2010.

Very symphonic,  this album features epic tunes and vocals, weird synth solos and power riffs.
1. INTO THE ABYSS (INTRO)cover art

Thomas Strübler – vocals
Robert Schönleitner – guitar
Sebastian Lanser – drums
Aleksandar Vešic – bass
Saso Gacnik – keyboards