Kerion is a Symphonic Metal band from France.

They began as an instrumental Prog Metal band in 1997 under the name of “Kirlian”. Flora soon joined them on vocals and the band’s sound evolved into meldoic symphonic metal. They released two demos based on the fantasy tale “Staraxis” by Chris Barberi and then their first album in 2008 – “Holy Creatures Quest” covering the third and final part of Barberi’s novel musically.

As newer fans asked to hear old demos, the band decided to rewrite some of the songs and have a real studio recording, as they were not happy with the quality of the demos. Their second album “The Origins”, as its name indicates, is the result of this musical revival.  Kerion work with Phil Giordana from Fairyland, who added vocals to their latest album and conducted the choir recordings. This new album, just released two months ago, is also a conceptual album, you can read the story on the band homepage. I only listened to the CD and gathered it must be dealing with ships and sailors of old, some of the songs have a flair of sea-shanty, vikings and drunken sailor to them, that I particularly like in this case.  Floras vocals are strong yet never too dominant, not operatic, not harsh. I usually dislike female vocals on metal but here they work perfectly, also overlaid by choirs quite often adding fullness.

A really good album that I can recommend to anyone who likes symphonic power.


Conspiracy of Darkness (2003) (Demo)
The Last Sunset (2005) (Demo)
Holy Creatures Quest (March 2008)
The Origins (2010)
CloudRiders Part I : Road to Skycity (2012)Cover art

01. Rider’s Theme
02. The Map
03. Everlasting Flight
04. Bounty Hunter
05. The Sky is My Ocean
06. Fireblast
07. Tribal Vibes
08. Never More
09. Celticia’s Song
10. Ghost Society
11. The Fall of The SkyCity Part I
12. The Fall of The SkyCity Part II
13. Rider’s Theme
14. A New Day

Line up :

  • Rémi – Guitars
  • Sylvain – Guitars
  • Flora – Vocals
  • Stéphane – Bass
  • JB – Drums