Wisdom is a Hungarian power metal band from Budapest. Their band name is taken from a 1986 movie where Emilio Estevez played a guy called John Wisdom. Formed in the fall of 2001, the group is known for basing each song on a well-known quotation. Many of the band’s lyrics and all of the album covers center round an old man, the fictional ‘Wiseman’.

After about a year they started making a name for themselves with a 3-track demo recorded at home and the band Kalapacs decided to take them out on tour. With the help of an event organizer who saw them there the band managed to get booked as opener for Iron Maiden in front of 15 000 people.

Meanwhile the concept of Wisdom was starting to take shape. They wanted to build up a narrative world around the name, Wisdom, from the beginning based on examples of Iron Maiden’s Eddie or Megadeth’s Vic.  Next the chief editor of the largest motorbike magazine entitled Born To Be Wild selected the band for a long term cooperation. In due course the band supported Saxon, the UDO-Doro Tour, Europe,  Helloween, Judas Priest and Startovarius.

In July 2004 the 4-track self-titled EP was released, not in the traditional way but as an attachment to the Hungarian Metal Hammer. In 2006 the album Words of Wisdom was released by Hammer Records, and soon after licenced by a Japanese label, making Wisdom the first Hungarian band to release an album in Asia.  Wisdom toured in support of the release but went on hiatus in 2008, to sort out line-up changes.

In 2010 a new vocalist was found and recordings started. In order to promote this new album, Wisdom went on tour in Fall 2010 where the new vocalist hid behind a mask at all gigs.  The “mask” tour and a new video release brought about huge interest for the album Judas that was released in April 2011. Mats Levén (Therion, Malmsteen, At Vance) performes one track as a guest vocalist.

From September to November 2012 Wisdom were touring with Sabaton and Eluveitie taking them through a great part of Europe.


Wisdom EP (2004)
Words Of Wisdom (2006)
At The Gates EP (2007)
Judas (2011)Wisdom - Judas cover art

1. Fallin’ Away From Grace
2. Somewhere Alone
3. Age Of Lies
4. Live Forevermore
5. Wander The World
6. Heaven And Hell
7. Silent Hill
8. At The Gates
9. The Prodigal Son
10. Judas

Band members

  • Gabor Nagy – lead vocals
  • Gabor Kovacs – guitar, backing vocals
  • Zsolt Galambos – guitar
  • Mate Molnar – bass guitar
  • Balazs Agota – drums



Ad Astra

Ad Astra is progressive metal from Hungary. The band was formed around the turn of 1999 and 2000 in Budapest, with the guitarists Peter Erdélyi and Mark Spala, and bassist Csaba Erdélyi. It took a long time to find a singer and proper drummer, and it wasn’t until 2004 when the line-up could solidify. In 2005 recorded a 5-song EP with Hungarian lyrics. This material was released 2012.

2006 they recorded  “No Contact”,  a demo in English to promote outside the borders of Hungary and hopefully to find a label. In 2007  recorded first album titled ‘Crust of Ego’, which contains all previous songs in English, some newly written stuff and a U2 cover, released in 2008. Played a big festival in Hungary with Brainstorm, Sabaton and Pagan’s Mind, and Rockmaraton in Romania with Moonsorrow, and Metalfest Open Air.

Their second full length album ‘Open Wide’ was released in 2012.

cover art

  1. Paycheck
  2. Fake
  3. The Substitute
  4. Into Sour
  5. Binary Bravery
  6. Borderline
  7. Wings of the Vulture
  8. Finite
  9. Director’s Cut
  10. Undone
  11. Sledgehammer (bonus track – Peter Gabriel cover)

Erdélyi Péter – Guitar, Vocals
Specker Balázs – Guitar
Erdélyi Csaba – Bass
Kliment Márton – Drums

Get free downloads of both albums on their wesite!


Age Of Nemesis

Age Of Nemesis is a Hungarian progressive metal band that has been around for about 15 years. They started their carreer as Nemesis; there is also an instrumental side project that is called The Godess Of Nemesis, and another side project called Scenes from ’99 that is a Dream Theatre Tribute Band.

I have tried to imagine what it was like back then in Hungary. The Berlin Wall had tumbled down only in 1989, “The West” was far away and hard to reach, there was no money, everything officially was oriented to Russia. And there they go and record a progressive metal album all by themselves and release it to their small world. It is hard to imagine nowadays and for us who have had freedom of travel, capitalism, advanced technology of communication … all the time.

All things considered Age Of Nemesis have gone far and accomplished a lot. They are still active, probably (hopefully) working on a new album and touring.
Read all about their history on their homepage: http://www.ageofnemesis.com
They are giving away some free stuff here to download

Check out their music here: