Orphaned Land- All Is One 2013

ALL IS ONE (2013)All Is One cover art

01. All Is One
02. The Simple Man
03. Brother
04. Let The Truce Be Known
05. Through Fire And Water
06. Fail
07. Freedom
08. Shama’im
09. Ya Benaye
10. Our Own Messiah
11. Children

All Is One is best described with one word: epic. Never has the fusion of metal, folk and oriental music sounded more harmonic than here. The melodic and folk (both Arabic and Yiddish) influences make themseves strongly felt on this album, replacing earlier death tendencies almost completely. The album is almost all clean vocals, there are lots of ethnic instruments and some very beautiful string arrangements. These almost cover the fact that this is a progressive metal band. But there’s also a lot of epic guitarwork and pounding drums and a few  songs, like ‘Faith’ for instance, that show heavier metal influences and some death vocals.

Over 40 musicians were used to flesh out the sound of All Is One, including 25 choir singers and eight classical violin, viola and cello players from Turkey. Mira Awad guests on female vocals. If  I am informed right, she is very popular in Israel.

In August Orphaned Land are playing some Festivals and on Sept. 20th they kick off their European tour.

Three years have passed since the release of The Never Ending Way Of ORWarriOR, a time for touring, says the band, and a time for the band’s fans: They started an online petition in 2012 to nominate Orphaned Land for the coveted Nobel Prize. Well deserved, that music unites all, across differecies of religion and cultural background, has  been the message and purpose of this Israeli band all along, ever since they started out 20 years ago. I’d like to cite metalholic: ‘there just aren’t enough superlatives in the English language to express how significantly this album touches the heart and soul of the listener’

All Is One was mixed by Jens Bogren (Kreator, Amon Amarth, James LaBrie, Devin Townsend Project, Opeth) and was recorded in three different countries: Israel, Turkey and Sweden. Ironically, countries that are Jewish, Muslim and Christian respectively, which strengthens the Orphaned Land message of unity through music.

Read more on http://www.orphaned-land.com

Distorted Harmony

Progressive metal from Israel
Utopia, released May 2012 is the band’s first album. Find the band’s bio on facebook, they have been together for only a year or so. Sure thing is I will keep informed of what they are doing in the future, because this album is not only very innovative and somewhat unique but also very beautiful. Though I go for the more power metal music in general, this fragile album conquered my heart with its haunting melodies. I was lucky to read a review of their album on one of my fav blogs, Valkyrian Music early on, when they still gave away the album for free – thxs a lot to the band!


1. Kono Yume
2. Breathe
3. Obsession
4. Blue
5. Unfair
6. Utopia

Misha Soukhinin – Vocals
Guy Landau – Guitars
Yoav Efron – Keyboards
Iggy Cohen – Bass
Yogev Gabay – Drums