ReinXeed is a symphonic/power metal band from Boden, Sweden. They were formed in 2004 by vocalist Tommy Johansson. They are influenced by soundtrack movies such as Lord of the Rings and bands like Helloween and Rhapsody of Fire.

In 2007 Christian Liljegren, former singer / founder of Narnia and owner of Liljegren Records / Doolittle Group, recieved a demo from Tommy. He instantly heard the talent and signed ReinXeed to the label.

In 2008, ReinXeed released their first studio album The Light on Rivel Records. This helped ReinXeed land an appearance in Japan where they gained fans. The Light can best be described as melodic power metal with the occasional symphonic tendency and some more progressive based pieces

In 2009 the second album Higher was released. It is even more symphonic with the rhythm guitar sometimes lost in the mix, as some reviewers criticized. It is beautiful and lacks a little in power.
Majestic was been released worldwide in 2010. It’s the third album of this power metal band.
1912 is their fourth album, released 2011. It is a concept album about the Titanic and its sinking. The Japanese edition includes three bonus track: “ReinXeed Alliance”, “Aces High” (an Iron Maiden cover) and “Pray for Japan”, a song done to support Japan in the aftermath of the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Welcome to the Theater , ReinXeed’s latest album was released in May 2012. The entire album is inspired by famous movies, both music and lyrics.

They played ProgPower Oslo Festival this year and are going to play ProgPower USA and Rock Out Wild Festival in Sweden in 2013.

1. Welcome

Cover Art
Welcome To The Theater Cover Art

2. Life will find a way
3. Follow Me
4. Save Us
5. Stranger Tides
6. Somewhere in Times
7. Freedom
8. No Fate
9. Temple Of The Crystal Skull
10. Welcome To The Theater
Band members
Tommy ReinXeed – vocals, guitars, keyboards, & orchestration
Alexander Oriz – Guitar and backing vocals
Chris David – Bass guitar
Alfred Fridhagen – Drums


Finnish power metal band formed in 1999. They had their first success supporting Synergy ( a  band formed by the then Dimmu Borgir keyboard player Kimberly Goss and In Flames guitarist Jesper Strömblad). Their first records made a big hit in Japan, but they never played a live gig there, indeed, their first gig abroad was 2011 in Russia, and that same year a mini tour in Italy followed. A headliner tour in Russia is going to happen this Nov. They supported Stratovarius twice.

Their music is a very melodic style of power metal, in my opinion they are very underrated, maybe because they never really left Finland for touring a lot.

cover art

Beyond Reality (2002)
Ocean’s Heart (2003)
Difference (2005)
Phoenix (2008)
Epsilon (2011)

1. Firestorm
2. Angel Of Light
3. Each Time I Die
4. Where Eternal Jesters Reign
5. Fly Away
6. Reasons Revealed
7. Strangers’ Ode
8. Mortal Games
9. Lady Of A Thousand Lakes
10. March To Glory


Rami Keränen – Guitar, Vocals (1999–2002)
Petteri Rosenbom – Drums
Erkki Seppänen – Vocals
Seppo Kolehmainen – Guitar
Akseli Kaasalainen – Keyboards
Heikki Ahonen – Bass


Time for introducing the band that I stole my avatar from 🙂

Galneryus is a Japanese power metal band started in 2001; their music shows subtle progressive intrusions and nicest shredding. In Japan they are very popular indeed, almost like popstars here.

They released seven albums, three cover albums, four live DVDs and contributed to a lot of compilation releases.

The latest record Phoenix Rising from 2011 comes with a bonus Live CD featuring covers of Stratovarius, Malmsteen, Ozzy osbourne and others.
01 – The Rising
02 – Tear Off Your Chain
03 – Future Never Dies
04 – Spirit Of Steel
05 – Scars
06 – The Wind Blows
07 – T.F.F.B.
08 – No More Tears
09 – Bash Out!
10 – The Time Has Come
11 – The Phoenix
CD2 Live:
01 – Against The Wind
02 – Rock You Like A Hurricane
03 – Secret Loser
04 – 1789
05 – Kiss Of Death
06 – Never Die
07 – Street Lethal