Oceans Of Time

Oceans Of Time is a progressive metal band from Norway.

There’s not a lot of info around, just that they were founded by Lazz Jensen in 2005, played a lot of gigs between 2005-2008, with bands/Artists like Glenn Huges, Masterplan, Satyricon, then sterted intensive work on their debut album “FACES”. This was recorded in Jailhouse Studios Denmark and released about a year ago.Oceans Of Mind - Faces cover art
01. Quest For Mystery
02. Walls Of Silence
03. The Beast
04. Faces
05. Kingdom Falls
06. A Touch Of Insanity
07. Roar Of Organs
08. Uncertainty
09. Panic
10. You’re So Cold
I just got the album and listened through it once, it won’t be the last time! These musicians are extremely talented and on a high level of technical skill. The songwriting too is top notch, wil keep you on the hook all the time.  An album that makes you come back, I’m sure it will grow on me with more listens. Definitely worth checking out, and keep track of the band as they have entered the studio again for the follow up album.
I’d recommend this totally for fans of bands like Circus Maximus, Seventh Wonder, Pagans Mind, Anubis Gate and the likes. Euro prog power at it’s best.
Line Up Ken Lyngfoss-Vocal
Lazz Jensen-Guitar
Geir Nielsen-Bass
Nicolay Ryen Christiansen-Drums

Nocturne Moonrise

Nocturne Moonrise is  a melodic symphonic metal band from Taipei, Taiwan; and that’s about all info I could find 🙂
If google translate is right, they played with Gamma Ray, Rhapsody Of Fire and  Sonata Arctica and are quite unique in Taiwan.
Sometimes keyboard – heavy, neo classic influences and very epic vocals that I like very much indeed.

Started in 2005
Released an EP “Gate of Expectancy” in 2008 and an album ” Into the Romaunt” in 2012 on  Magnum Music

cover art


1. Into the Romaunt
2. Alchemy
3. Heroic
4. Liberty
5. Gate of Expectancy
6. Tears from…
7. Faded Memory
8. Guardians of the Fate

Alexx : All Lead Vocal
Ouranus : Bass guitar
Deathsoul : Drums, Percussions
Mei-Ying Chen : Keyboards, Synthesizers, Female Vocal
hiro : All Lead, Background guitars

Spheric Universe Experience

Prog metal from France  formed in 1999, very melodic, with symphonic and neo classic elements.

Formerly known as Gates Of Delirium and Amnesya.

Played ProgPower EU in 2007, Prog Power USA in 2008, opened for Threshold’s European tour in 2009  (with Serenity) and supported Vanden Plas in 2011.

The preview of the new album seems to show it as lighter, more melodic and symphonic than the previous release.

Discographycover art

Mental Torment  2005

Anima  2007

Unreal  2009

The New Eve  will be released in Nov 2012

Current members

  • Fred Colombo − Keyboard
  • Vince Benaim – Guitar
  • John Drai – Bass
  • Frank Garcia – Vocals
  • Christophe Briand – Drums

Former members

  • Sam (I) – Drums
  • Volodia Brice – Drums
  • Guillaume Morero – Drums
  • Nico Muller – Drums


Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is a Neo-classical power metal or ´Symphonic Power Speed Metal` band from Belgium. It was formed in 1998 and is the main project of guitar player Dushan Petrossi. When Dushan started MAGIC KINGDOM he had a musical vision he wanted to pursue. Petrossi’s musical roots go back to Malmsteen or old Symphony X as well as Bach, and Händel. The combination of various eras has been the band’s objective from the start. Petrossi tried to create catchy melodies and intoxicating compositions together with heavy and agressive lines, very virtuoso, very fast.  The line-up of MAGIC KINGDOM was relatively constant for rather a long time, but the band didn’t have live performances.

Olaf Hayer- Lead Vocals (Dionysus, Luca Turilli, Symphonity)
Dushan Petrossi – Guitars
Vassili Moltchanov – Bass
Philippe Giordana – Keyboards (mastermind of Fairyland)
Roma Siedletski(harsh vox)

The Arrival (1999)
Metallic Tragedy (2004)cover art
Symphony of War (2010)

Symphony Of War Limited edition.

Disc 1
01.Symphony Of War 5:28
02.We Rise 5:37
03.Million Sinners World 6:05
04. Evil Magician 8:14
05. In The Name Of Heathen Gods 3:47
06. Monte Cristo 3:50
07.I’m A Lionheart 5:05
08. Sleeping Beauty (Bonus Track) 5:36
09. No Mercy For The Enemy (Bonus Track) 5:38
10.Unholy Abyss 4:15

Disc 2
Metallic Tragedy – Chapter 2: The Holy Pentalogy 29:08
I. Through The Sea Of Ice / Quest For The Holy Light (0:00 – 5:24)
II. Before The Apocalypse / War Of The Black Angels (5:24 – 16:27)
III. At The Gates Of The Last Mystic Dragon Land (16:27 – 19:27)
IV. Resurrection Of The Wizard / With The Gods Of Egypt On Our Side (19:27 – 22:28)
V. Tournament Of Hell (22:28 – 29:08)

Shadow Gallery

Shadow Gallery look back upon more than thirty years of band history. Hailing from Pennsylvania,  they were the second band ever to be signed by Magna Carta Records label (first was Magellan).

They released their first album in 1992 before their line-up was even complete.

2008 their long time singer Mark baker died only 45 years of age, but the band carried on finding a singer that was a full and very similar replacement in Brian Ashland.

Now, their last tour is two years past and members of the band have joined several side projects. Info on their homepage is rather outdated, so I don’t know how the band will move on from here.

Music is sometimes very heavy, then again soft, always melodic and with a touch of symphonic and neo-classic, very listenable

They have put out six studio albums:

Shadow Gallery (1992)
Carved in Stone (1995)
Tyranny (1998)
Legacy (2001)
Room V (2005)
Digital Ghosts (2009)

1.”With Honor”
4.”Gold Dust”
6.”Digital Ghost”