Illusion Suite stream new album The Iron Cemetary

The Norwegian melodic prog metallers Illusion Suite (read my first post here) are streaming snippets from their brand new album The Iron Cemetary on SoundCloud

and you can download Uni – Twins (single) for free! From their label’s facebook page here: 

(When you are there check out the other bands as well and the free samplers Brazil Rocks! And Prog Rocks! 1 & 2 🙂 )

The first reviews of the new album are coming one after the other now, visit Illusion Suit’s homepage for that.

I’d say definitely an album you must check out

Oceans Of Time

Oceans Of Time is a progressive metal band from Norway.

There’s not a lot of info around, just that they were founded by Lazz Jensen in 2005, played a lot of gigs between 2005-2008, with bands/Artists like Glenn Huges, Masterplan, Satyricon, then sterted intensive work on their debut album “FACES”. This was recorded in Jailhouse Studios Denmark and released about a year ago.Oceans Of Mind - Faces cover art
01. Quest For Mystery
02. Walls Of Silence
03. The Beast
04. Faces
05. Kingdom Falls
06. A Touch Of Insanity
07. Roar Of Organs
08. Uncertainty
09. Panic
10. You’re So Cold
I just got the album and listened through it once, it won’t be the last time! These musicians are extremely talented and on a high level of technical skill. The songwriting too is top notch, wil keep you on the hook all the time.  An album that makes you come back, I’m sure it will grow on me with more listens. Definitely worth checking out, and keep track of the band as they have entered the studio again for the follow up album.
I’d recommend this totally for fans of bands like Circus Maximus, Seventh Wonder, Pagans Mind, Anubis Gate and the likes. Euro prog power at it’s best.
Line Up Ken Lyngfoss-Vocal
Lazz Jensen-Guitar
Geir Nielsen-Bass
Nicolay Ryen Christiansen-Drums

New album by Tellus Requiem – Invictus

Tellus Requiem, the Norwegian progressive metallers have put out their second album in January

Invictus (The 11th Hour) Tellus Requiem Invictus cover art

01. Ab Aeterno
02. Red Horizon
03. Eden Burns
04. Reflections Remain
05. Twilight Hour
06. Sands of Gold
07. Tranquility
08. Redemption (Frontiers 2)
09. Invictus
10. Dies Irae


Check out their page or you can stream on Spotify or Deezer. And this one, unlike their first is also available as a physical CD.

Invictus should place the band firmly in between the big names of the genre. The musicianship shown is superb, and the arrangements and the production quality are on the highest level. The vocals added by Ben Rodgers did a lot for the band, though I must say that I liked the vocal melodies of their first album better, they seem somehow more musical to me and more on the catchy side. In every other aspect this second album by the band shows a development that is amazing, and where their first album was really good, especially for a self-produced one, this is great.

The album line up:  Stig Nergård (guitars), Ivar Hagen Bøe (bass), Anders Berg Sundbø (keyboards, classic piano), Vidar Lehmann (drums), and Ben Rodgers (vocals)



Support Keldian’s new album!

Keldian is a two man project from Norway who have put out two extremely cool albums of what they call sci-fi metal.

Also see my previous post here. 

At the moment Keldian are working on their next release and have chosen to go crowdfunding. Since they have no label, management or financing behind them, and since they used to give away their music for free, they asked their fans to help them fund the next release. So far this has been a success as you can see here!

If you also want to be a part of it, head over now and help them cover their cost, and put some money in their pocket for food, drink and all the rest of it. The band really deserve it!

A little background on crowdfunding: Kickstarter is the best known platform for crowdfunding, even more so since Amanda Palmer (Ex- Dresden Dolls) and Serj Tankian (System Of A Down) used it for funding their next solo albums. Palmer exceeded all expectations (most of all her own I guess) by raising over a million dollars.

While Kickstarter is only open to musicians from the US and the UK, indiegogo and musicraiser are two examples of platforms for international artists.

Crowdfunding is simple and effective: Friends, fans and even total strangers buy a “perk”, thus funding the artists before they start producing. Usually perks are downloads, CDs, T-Shirts and specials like meet-and-greets, livingroom gigs or mentions in the CD liner notes.

I hope I got you interested, check out some of the projects up for funding! This is a very personal and special way to buy music.


Teodor Tuff

What sounds like a stand up comedian’s idea of a dud’s name is in reality a Norwegian prog metal / rock  band formed in 2009 but resurfaced 2011 in new line- up and style.
The band did support shows for both Whitesnake and Deep Purple after their self titled release in 2009 but was never really known outside Norway.

The band’s sound has now changed, Teodor Tuff comes across as a metal rather than hard rock band with inspirations taken from classical music, rock opera, musicals and even Middle East folk songs.

Guest performers on the album: Jeff Waters (Annihilator), Mattias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen), Martin Buus (Mercenary), Eskild Kløften (Divided Multitude), Jacob Hansen and Tonje Harøy. The album was mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen.

The band will be touring Europe with Jorn this year.

Good tracks here are The Last Supper, Heavenly Manna, whereas Tower Of Power sounds much too mainstreamy to me, like a slightly metalized Nickelback. Still, a good release with a good portion of originality.

Soliloquy 2011cover art
1. Godagar
2. The Last Supper
3. Addiction
4. Mountain Rose
5. Hymn (For An Embattled Mind)
6. Delusions Of Grandeur
7. Heavenly Manna
8. Deng’s Dictum
9. Lullaby
10 .Mind Over Matter
11. Tower Of Power


Knut Hellem Drums
Terje Harøy Vocals
Christer Harøy Guitars (lead)
Rayner Harøy Bass
Knut Lysklætt Guitars (rhythm)

Above Symmetry

Above Symmetry is a progressive metal band from Norway. First album is called Ripples which was released on 25 April in Europe and the 26 April 2011 in the United States.

Above Symmetry were originally called ‘Aspera’, and initially released the album Ripples under this name. However, in 2010, they were threatened with legal action by another band called Aspera, prompting them to change their name. They re-issued Ripples  under the new band name.

They supported Tarja Turunen in Switzerland and Spain and played various festivals in Scandinavia, however frontman Atle Peterson is probably better known for his appearances in the Scancinavian version of X Factor, where he came in second in 2010.


  • Intro
  • Ripples
  • Do I Dare?
  • Remorse
  • Between Black & White
  • Catatonic Coma
  • Torn Apart
  • Traces Inside
  • Reflections
  • The Purpose

Robin Ognedal – guitar
Joachim Strøm Ekelund – drums
Nickolas Main Henriksen – keyboard / piano
Atle Pettersen – vocals
Rein Blomquist – bass

You can download a free track if you give a like and share it on fb:


Saint Deamon

Swedish/Norwegian ProgPowerMetal band founded in 2006.
The line up was completed In 2007 and the band signed with Frontiers records. Released two albums so far, “In Shadows Lost From The Brave” in 2008 and “Pandeamonium” in 2009. Played ProgPower USA in 2008.
At the moment SaintDeamon is preparing for a third album with their new drummer Oscar Nilsson and they played several gigs in Sweden this year.

In Shadows Lost From The Brave    2008

1. The Exodus (Intro)
2. My Judas
3. In Shadows Lost From The Brave
4. My Heart
5. The Burden
6. No Man’s Land
7. Ride Forever
8. Black Symphony
9. Deamons
10. The Brave Never Bleeds
11. My Sorrow
12. Run For Your Life

Pandeamonium 2009pandeamonium cover art

2.The Only One Sane
4.Eyes of the Devil
5.A Day to Come
6.Way Home
7.Fallen Angel
8.The Deamon Within
9.Oceans of Glory
10.Fear in a Fragile Mind
11.Pandeamonium (Video)  

Line Up
Jan Thore Grefstad – Vocals
Nobby Norberg – Bass
Toya Johansson – Guitars
Ronny Millianowicz – Drums