X-Piral is a Greek power metal band with a very heavy sound, formed in Athens 2000.
After a first demo they were disappointed from the recording attempt and split up again.

A second attempt was made under the name Shadow Play. Michael Apostolakisas as vocalist made the band take off.
The band gave some live shows for a couple of months, and 2003 recordings started. They took a while, due to line-up changes and a band member leaving for a half year student exchange program.  By the time everything was finished it was discovered that another band had copyrighted the name Shadow Play and the band name changed to X-Piral.
In February 2005 debut album Poison Eyes was finally released. In 2007 Hunter was released. Very soon fterwards X-Piral replaced their vocalist Michael Apostolakis with Tassos K.
2010 they released the 5 track EP Grave New World.

Since then they have been playing some gigs, but never really managed to take a step outside of Greece.

1. Grave New Worldcover art

2. One Piece Of Paradise

3. Shatters In The Wind

4. Regression

5. One For All Kind

Band Members :

Tassos K: Vocals
Nick Papanikolaou : Lead Guitars
Dimitris Marinis : Synth & Piano
Makis Petritsis : Bass Guitar
Fragiskos Samoilis : Drums & Percussion