Finnish Prog metal in focus

I have been checking out some Finnish bands recently, just a quick share of some finds here:


New album Sky Divided out now, will review soon


Silent Voices

also known as “the other band” of Henrik Klingenberg, the keyboard player and Pasi Kauppinen, the bass player of Sonata Arctica

This is a new single, maybe new album soon? Impressive


Where did these guys spring from? This is their debut, and it just kicks ass.

I could go on watching these fast fingers forever


Heavy and intense … I like the vocals a lot

Hve fun checking these out ūüôā


SILENT VOICES announces new singer and new label

silentvoices_2_2013Finnish progressive metallers SILENT VOICES has announced that their new front-man is Teemu Koskela (Winterborn). Teemu has already been singing 3 successful shows with SILENT VOICES in the UK and Czech Republic earlier this year.

“We are very excited to finally share with everyone that Teemu Koskela is the new vocalist of SILENT VOICES. Teemu is an incredible vocalist and a great guy. His voice is a very strong addition to the SILENT VOICES family.”

SILENT VOICES have also inked a new deal with the Swedish label Inner Wound Recordings for the release of the bands up-coming album “Reveal The Change“. More information will follow.

“The entire band and all the people we are working with are very excited about this new album. We cannot wait for everyone to hear the new songs and to be back on tour again.”

Silent Voices is also known as “the other band” of Henrik Klingenberg and Pasi Kauppinen of Sonata Arctica.

Metal Storm Awards – Best Power Metal Album 2012

Metal Storm are calling all members to vote for the best power metal album of 2012 

Here are the nominees:

Dark Empire РFrom Refuge To Ruin 

Dark Empire band page 

Iron Fire – Voyage Of The Damned

Iron Fire homepage

Kamelot – Silverthorn

Lanfear – This Harmonic Consonance

Lanfear homepage

Orden Ogan – To The End

Orden Ogan homepage

Pharaoh – Bury The Light

Pharao homepage

ReinXeed – Welcome To The Theater

Seven Kingdoms – The Fire Is Mine

Seven Kingdoms homepage

Shear – Breaking The Stillness

Shear homepage

Sonata Arctica – Stones Grow Her Name


some very cool bands to check out and that I will feature here too


Ancestry is a symphonic power metal band from Mexico, founded in late 2007 by guitarist Luiz Monge.

Since the beginning the band started working on their own compositions, adding some cover songs from bands like Dragonforce, Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, etc. to be able to play a full set when playing live.

The band developed what would be the material for their first album during the course of the year 2008, year in which they shared the stage with local bands.

In January of 2009 the started recording their first album, titled “Revelations”. Due to line-up changes the band remained on hiatus during the second half of the year 2009 and the first half of 2010, until Alex Gavilan joined the band as a vocalist, and with him the band continued the recordings.

Revelations was released 2011cover art


01. Progenies Quam Virtus
02. Imminent Conquest
03. Reaper Of Souls
04. Circle Of Karma
05. Revelations
06. Invocation Of Power In D Minor (Instrumental)
07. Screaming In Silence
08. Ashes Brought To Life
09. Deadly Thunderstorm
10. Remaining In Silence

Alex Gavilan – Vocals
Luiz Monge – Guitar
Eduardo Cuadros – Guitar
Alan Garcia – Keyboard & Synth
Cesar Castillo – Bass
Edgar Salais – Drums

Nocturne Moonrise

Nocturne Moonrise is ¬†a melodic symphonic metal band from Taipei, Taiwan; and that’s about all info I could find ūüôā
If google translate is right, they played with Gamma Ray, Rhapsody Of Fire and  Sonata Arctica and are quite unique in Taiwan.
Sometimes keyboard – heavy, neo classic influences and very epic vocals that I like very much indeed.

Started in 2005
Released an EP “Gate of Expectancy” in 2008 and an album ” Into the¬†Romaunt” in 2012¬†on ¬†Magnum Music

cover art


1. Into the Romaunt
2. Alchemy
3. Heroic
4. Liberty
5. Gate of Expectancy
6. Tears from…
7. Faded Memory
8. Guardians of the Fate

Alexx : All Lead Vocal
Ouranus : Bass guitar
Deathsoul : Drums, Percussions
Mei-Ying Chen : Keyboards, Synthesizers, Female Vocal
hiro : All Lead, Background guitars