STRATOVARIUS And AMARANTHE Teaming Up For Nordic Nexus Of Nemesis Tour 2013

STRATOVARIUS and AMARANTHE are teaming up in a doulbe headline bill next spring. The Nordic Nexus Of Nemesis Tour 2013 will kick off in Munich, Germany on March 20th, 2013.

Confirmed dates include:

20 – Backstagehalle – Munich, Germany
21 – Stadtgarten – Erfurt, Germany
22 – Masters Of Rock Cafe – Zlin, Czech Republic
23 – Club 202 – Budapest, Hungary
24 – Majestic Club – Bratislava, Slovakia
26 – Szene – Vienna, Austria
27 – Hirsch – Nürnberg, Germany
28 – Matrix – Bochum, Germany
29 – Grünspan – Hamburg, Germany
30 – De Pul – Uden, Netherlands
31 – La Cigale – Paris, France

2 – La Laiterie – Strasbourg, France
3 – Le Kao – Lyon, France
5 – Razzmatazz 2 – Barcelona, Spain
6 – Arena – Madrid, Spain
7 – Rock Star – Bilbao, Spain
9 – Z7 – Pratteln, Switzerland
10 – Alcatrazz – Milan, Italia
11 – Rockfabrik – Ludwigsburg, Germany
13 – PPM Fest (Festival) – Mons, Belgium




Finnish power metal band formed in 1999. They had their first success supporting Synergy ( a  band formed by the then Dimmu Borgir keyboard player Kimberly Goss and In Flames guitarist Jesper Strömblad). Their first records made a big hit in Japan, but they never played a live gig there, indeed, their first gig abroad was 2011 in Russia, and that same year a mini tour in Italy followed. A headliner tour in Russia is going to happen this Nov. They supported Stratovarius twice.

Their music is a very melodic style of power metal, in my opinion they are very underrated, maybe because they never really left Finland for touring a lot.

cover art

Beyond Reality (2002)
Ocean’s Heart (2003)
Difference (2005)
Phoenix (2008)
Epsilon (2011)

1. Firestorm
2. Angel Of Light
3. Each Time I Die
4. Where Eternal Jesters Reign
5. Fly Away
6. Reasons Revealed
7. Strangers’ Ode
8. Mortal Games
9. Lady Of A Thousand Lakes
10. March To Glory


Rami Keränen – Guitar, Vocals (1999–2002)
Petteri Rosenbom – Drums
Erkki Seppänen – Vocals
Seppo Kolehmainen – Guitar
Akseli Kaasalainen – Keyboards
Heikki Ahonen – Bass


Avantasia is the solo project of Tobias Sammet, singer of the German band Edguy and also a kind of supergroup.

It started out in 1999 as a one-time studio-recording project for a ‘metal-opera’, but was called back to life in 2008 for a tour, more albums were relased and now it is official – work on a new album has begun and a release date set for sometime 2013.

The music can be best described as power metal with lots of different influences like classical music, a little prog, acoustic rock and hard rock.

Guest musicians appearing on the recordings and for the touring read like a who-is-who of metal and hard rock:  Michael Kiske (Ex-Helloween), Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation), Timo Tolkki (Ex-Stratovarius), Kai Hansen (Helloween, Gamma Ray, Iron Saviour, Unisonic), Alice Cooper, Roy Khan (Ex-Kamelot), Eric Singer (Kiss), Amanda Sommerville, Jorn Lande, Alex Holzwarth (Ex-Rhapsody), Sascha Paeth (producer of Kamelot, Epica), several members of Edguy, uh and many more.

A short overview of releases:

  • The Metal Opera:
    • 2001: The Metal Opera
    • 2002: The Metal Opera Part II
  • The Wicked Trilogy:
    • 2008: The Scarecrow
    • 2010: The Wicked Symphony
    • 2010: Angel of Babylon
  • The Flying Opera – 2011; live double CD and DVD

Check out Tobias’ homepage for more info and links (German and English):

and now delve into the music and enjoy, this is quite a unique experience:

Winter’s Verge

Power / prog metal form Cyprus

Just released their third album Beyond Vengance in April 2012
Been around since 2004
They state they are the premiere power/progressive band from Cyprus … I guess there aren’t that many of them round out there 🙂
The turning point of their career was their support tour of Stratovarius in 2009

I think their music is awesome, at least the new material is, check it out! Well worth a listen and more

Track listing
1. Cunning Lullabies (05:49)
2. Paper is Blank (04:34)
3. Unto the Darkness (03:59)
4. Not Without a Fight (04:22)
5. Bleeding Heart (04:22)
6. Dying (05:10)
7. One Last Night (0520)
8. Threads of My Life (04:05)
9. Angels of Babylon (03:15)
10. Semeni (06:33)
11. A Dream for a Dream (Bonus Track) (05:22)