Harmony is a Swedish Christian power metal band. It was founded back in 2002 by Markus Sigfridsson and Tobias Enbert. They contacted the other band members, most of who went on to play together as Darkwater later on. Harmony released their debut album Dreaming Awake in 2003. They became known for their highly melodic vocals, progressive guitar riffs, and neo-classical guitar solos. A few gigs followed, but all the band members were very busy doing other projects as well. I don’t think they are active anymore.

Dreaming Awake (2003)
End Of My Road (EP) (2008)
Chapter II: Aftermath (2008)cover art

Track listing

Don’t Turn Away
Silently We Fade
Inner Peace
I Run
Hollow Faces
End of My Road

Line up:
Markus Sigfridsson – Guitars (Darkwater, 7 Days)
Tobias Enbert – Drums (Darkwater)
Henrik Båth – Vocals
Andreas Olsson – Bass (Narnia, Divinefire, Stormwind, Rob Rock)
Magnus Holmberg – Keyboard (Darkwater)



Saint Deamon

Swedish/Norwegian ProgPowerMetal band founded in 2006.
The line up was completed In 2007 and the band signed with Frontiers records. Released two albums so far, “In Shadows Lost From The Brave” in 2008 and “Pandeamonium” in 2009. Played ProgPower USA in 2008.
At the moment SaintDeamon is preparing for a third album with their new drummer Oscar Nilsson and they played several gigs in Sweden this year.

In Shadows Lost From The Brave    2008

1. The Exodus (Intro)
2. My Judas
3. In Shadows Lost From The Brave
4. My Heart
5. The Burden
6. No Man’s Land
7. Ride Forever
8. Black Symphony
9. Deamons
10. The Brave Never Bleeds
11. My Sorrow
12. Run For Your Life

Pandeamonium 2009pandeamonium cover art

2.The Only One Sane
4.Eyes of the Devil
5.A Day to Come
6.Way Home
7.Fallen Angel
8.The Deamon Within
9.Oceans of Glory
10.Fear in a Fragile Mind
11.Pandeamonium (Video)  

Line Up
Jan Thore Grefstad – Vocals
Nobby Norberg – Bass
Toya Johansson – Guitars
Ronny Millianowicz – Drums


Divinefire is a Christian Symphonic Power metal group founded in the spring of 2004 by Finnish guitarist Jani Stefanovic, and Swedish singer Christian Liljegren. The band started their career by signing a contract in Japan for their first release  ‘Glory Thy Name’ in 2004.

Their music is melodic and sometimes very heavy and agressive power metal.


Glory Thy Name (2004)
Hero (2005)
Into a New Dimension (2006)
Farewell (2008)
Eye Of The Storm (2011)

  • “Time For Salvation” 4:35
  • “Hold On” 4:00
  • “Unchain My Soul” 4:03
  • “Bright Morning Star” 4:45
  • “To Love And Forgive” 6:57
  • “Even At My Lowest Point” 4:19
  • “Send Me Out” 3:25
  • “Masters And Slaves” 3:57
  • “The World’s On Fire” 4:16
  • “Never Surrender” 6:08
  • “Masquerade” 4:07
  • “Close To The Fire (Instrumental)” 3:47
  • “Forever One (Japanese bonus song)” 4:26


Jani Stefanovic – drum programming, guitar, keyboard
Christian Liljegren – vocals
Germán Pascual – vocals


Time Requiem

Time Requiem was a Swedish neo-classical metal band founded by Richard Anderssen in 2001; Andersson founded several bands in his career and also appeared as a guest keyboardist on Adagio’s debut ‘Sanctus Ignis’ and several Evil Masquerade albums.  Vocals on the first two releases featured Apollo Papathanasio (Firewind, Evil Masquerade )


Time Requiem (2002)

Unleashed In Japan (2003, live)

The Inner Circle of Reality (2004)

Optical Illusion (2006)

Time Requiem’s music is strongly influenced by classical music and very meldoic and keyboard-heavy.


Darkwater is a Swedish prog metal band with power metal leanings

started in 2003 the five Swedes have released two albums up to date and have started working on a follow up.

They have nice melody lines and riffs with proggish enclaves, but altogether their music is very accessible and singalong ( not in any sense negative)

Played Progpower USA in 2011

Releases: Calling the Earth To Witness in 2007 and

Where Stories End       2010

1. Breathe
2. Why I Bleed
3. Into The Cold
4. A Fools Utopia
5. Queen Of The Night
6. In The Blink Of An Eye
7. Fields Of Sorrow
8. Without A Sound
9. Walls Of  Deception

Henrik Båth – Vocals/Guitars
Magnus Holmberg – Keyboards
Markus Sigfridsson – Guitars
Tobias Enbert – Drums
Simon Andersson – Bass

Not much to see on their homepage so go here for updates