DGM – Momentum 2013

Momentum is my very first contact with the Italian progressive metallers DGM, shame on me…

For those who have never met them before like me, DGM is a band of long standing, founded in 1994, released eight studio albums, ¬†one double live CD and one self produced demo EP. Listening to their latest I think they take a lot of their musical inspiration from Symphony X (yeah ūüôā ), indeed, there is one track featuring Russel Allen on vocals. On their webpage they state that the album ‘represents the full stylistic maturity of a band’ and I’d totally agree, though listening through earlier releases quickly I’d say their style is very consistent throughout.

The instrumentals, especially the guitars are very reminiscent of Symphony X, whereas the vocals could fit equally well in 80ies Van Halen or even Toto, they are very hard rock, very melodic with catchy lines.

A bit back histroy of the band that should be more widely known imo

Their second release Wings of Time was a favourite of many Italian metal magazines and earned them lots of fame in Japan too, getting them an exclusive interview on the Japanese BURN! mag.

Different Shapes, which was released in 2007 was awarded top album by both Rock Hard and Metal Hammer.

DGM played twice at the Gods of MetalFestival together with Heaven&Hell, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Dark Tranquility among others, Lagoa Burning Festival (2007), Prog-Power Europe (2007 and 2013)¬†and supported Symphony X on their European tour, sharing the stage with Pagan’s Mind to.

Time to dive into the back catalougue! cover art

1994 –¬†Random Access Zone¬†(mini CD)
1997 –¬†Change Direction
1999 –¬†Wings of Time
2001 –¬†Dreamland
2003 –¬†Hidden Place
2004 –¬†Misplaced
2007 –¬†Different Shapes
2009 –¬†Frame
2010 –¬†Synthesis¬†(DVD + CD)

2013 –¬†Momentum


1. Reason (feat. Russell Allen)
2. Trust
3. Universe
4. Numb
5. Pages
6. Repay
7. Chaos (feat. Viggo Lofstad)
8. Remembrance
9. Overload
10. Void
11. Blame

Current Line-Up

Mark Basile – Vocals
Simone Mularoni – Guitars
Andrea Arcangeli – Bass
Emanuele Casali – Keyboards
Fabio Costantino – Drums



New album by Tellus Requiem – Invictus

Tellus Requiem, the Norwegian progressive metallers have put out their second album in January

Invictus (The 11th Hour) Tellus Requiem Invictus cover art

01. Ab Aeterno
02. Red Horizon
03. Eden Burns
04. Reflections Remain
05. Twilight Hour
06. Sands of Gold
07. Tranquility
08. Redemption (Frontiers 2)
09. Invictus
10. Dies Irae


Check out their page or you can stream on Spotify or Deezer. And this one, unlike their first is also available as a physical CD.

Invictus should place the band firmly in between the big names of the genre. The musicianship shown is superb, and the arrangements and the production quality are on the highest level. The vocals added by Ben Rodgers did a lot for the band, though I must say that I liked the vocal melodies of their first album better, they seem somehow more musical to me and more on the catchy side. In every other aspect this second album by the band shows a development that is amazing, and where their first album was really good, especially for a self-produced one, this is great.

The album line up: ¬†Stig Nerg√•rd (guitars), Ivar Hagen B√łe (bass), Anders Berg Sundb√ł (keyboards, classic piano), Vidar Lehmann (drums), and Ben Rodgers (vocals)




Futures End

Progressive power metal from California. Futures End was formed by guitarists Christian Wentz and Marc Pattison in 2007. They were looking to draw upon their influences and create something challenging and exciting. Fred Marshall (Zero Hour) was the obvious choice as a singer, Steve DiGiorgio and drummer Jon Allen (Testament, Sadus) came on board to complete the line-up.

Released one album so far in 2009 ¬†‚ÄėMemoirs of a Broken Man‚Äô (Nightmare Records) with guest vocals by Lance King (Pyramaze,¬†Balance of Power) and Lucho Silva (Magistral).

Futures End played their very first live show opening the Prog Power USA festival at it’s 10th anniversary in Atlanta Georgia. Also supported Symphony X in Houston.

Memoirs of a Broken Man 2009

(reprinted 2010 with different cover art) cover art


1. Relentless Chaos
2. Inner Self
3. Endless Journey
4. Your Decay
5. Beyond Despair
6. Share the Blame
7. Forsaken
8. Stand to Fall
9. Terrors of War
10. Remembering Tomorrow
11. Powerslave (Iron Maiden cover, First edition- hidden Bonus Track)

Fred Marshall Lead Vocals

Marc Pattison Lead Guitars, Keyboard Programming, Sequencing

Christian David Wentz Lead Guitars, Piano, Keyboards

Steve DiGiorgio Bass

Jon Allen Drums




Affector is another supergroup of power- and prog metal musicians, members of Neil Morse, Spock’s Beard and Symphony X have been active together here.

The album Harmagedon rather delivers what you expect, excellent musicianship, superb production and great songs, definitely check it out, though I must say, maybe I expected even more, hearing all those big names dropped.


– Daniel Fries / guitars
– Collin Leijenaar / drums
– Mike LePond / bass guitars
– Ted Leonard / vocals

Plus they have four special guests on keyboards: Jordan Rudess, Derek Sherinian, Neal Morse, and Alex Argento, also featured on the album is the Polish orchestra Sinfonietta Consonus.

The lyrical concept is about the Biblical Apocalypse, or End Times, timed for release now in early 2012 just before the world is coming to an end – well thought out boys ūüôā

Now go find out for yourself what you think!


1. Overture pt.1: Introduction
2. Overture pt.2: Prologue
3. Salvation
4. The Rapture
5. Cry Song
6. Falling Away & The Rise Of The Beast
7. Harmagedon
8. New Jerusalem


Winter’s Verge

Power / prog metal form Cyprus

Just released their third album Beyond Vengance in April 2012
Been around since 2004
They state they are the premiere power/progressive band from Cyprus … I guess there aren’t that many of them round out there ūüôā
The turning point of their career was their support tour of Stratovarius in 2009

I think their music is awesome, at least the new material is, check it out! Well worth a listen and more

Track listing
1. Cunning Lullabies (05:49)
2. Paper is Blank (04:34)
3. Unto the Darkness (03:59)
4. Not Without a Fight (04:22)
5. Bleeding Heart (04:22)
6. Dying (05:10)
7. One Last Night (0520)
8. Threads of My Life (04:05)
9. Angels of Babylon (03:15)
10. Semeni (06:33)
11. A Dream for a Dream (Bonus Track) (05:22)



Tellus Requiem

Upcoming band from Norway, progressive power metal, really great stuff here

Released the album Tellus Requiem by themselves in 2010
fast, hard, powerful, sounds close to Symphony X

Stig Nergård РGuitar
Ivar Hagen B√łe – Bass
Espen Hektoen – Drums
Anders Sundb√ł – Keys
Ben Rodgers – Vocals

I hope some more will be released soon

Holy Force

I’m not sure if Holy Force is a band or just a temporary project, not much info to be found. It is good that Ango Chen has an outlet in making music, talking seems not to be his strongest side, as you can find out if you read his interview with powerofmetal.dk
Anyway, Mike Boals who was with Danish powermetalers Royal Hunt for a while as well as with Yngwie Malmsteen, Ango Chen, guitarist and moving spirit of the band, Mike LePond of Symphony X and Rhino of Manowar released this selftitled album together in 2011. Some reviews were awesome calling it a Supergroup, some spoke very openly of plagiarism.

I found it enjoyable, really nothing outstanding, only one track that stuck in my mind at all, but it’s not bad either. Simply melodic, solid, well produced (at least most of it. The mastering is somewhat strange, the short instrumental tracks in between the regular songs sound as if they were twice as loud) Check out the playlist at the bottom

1. Holy Force
2. Flying
3. Breathe
4. Seasons
5. A Country Good or Bad
6. Power of Life
7. Sky Etude
8. We Are The Warriors
9. Moonlight Fantasy
10. The Wings of Forever
11. Chasing The Dream
12. Emperor
13. Waiting
14. See You In The Future

Mike Boals – Vocals
Ango Chen – Guitars
Mike LePond – Bass
Kenny “Rhino” Earl – Drums