Damnation Angels

Damnation Angels are a symphonic powermetal band from the UK formed in 2006.

They kicked off doing quite well and playing gigs with bands such as Sabaton.

In 2009 they started recording the EP Shadow Symphony with producer Scott Atkins (Sylosis, Cradle Of Filth). The CD was praised rather high, comparing the band to  Avantasia and Blind Guardian, maybe also because the UK is not too famous for this style of metal.

The band then signed with Radtone Music (Japan) and released their debut album in Japan on March 7th 2012 with the rest of the world to follow. The album was entitled Bringer Of Light with artwork from Jan Yrlund and production from Scott Atkins.

After selling well in Japan the band signed a multi album deal with Massacre Records (Germany) and Bringer Of Light was  released worldwide in February 2013. They’re also scheduled to make their debut appearance in USA at ProgPower September 6th 2013.

You might also check out their singer PelleK’s solo album, Bag Of Tricks, that was produced by Tommy of ReinXeed and released in 2012, featuring a flog of guest vocalists (Amanda Sommerville of Soulspell, Tommy Karevik of Seventh Wonder and Kamelot, Oliver Hartmann of At Vance and Avantasia).

As you may know PelleK was “discovered” through the Norwegian version of American Idol

Bringer Of Light  2012,  2013

Damnation Angels Bringer Of Light cover art

1. Ad Finem
2. The Longest Day of My Life
3. Reborn
4. I Hope
5. Acerbus Inceptum (Pt. I)
6. Someone Else (Pt. II)
7. Bringer of Light (Pt. III)
8. Shadow Symphony (Pt. IV)
9. No Leaf Clover (Metallica cover)
10. Pride (The Warrior’s Way)

Damnation Angels are

Will Graney – Guitars, orchestration, backing vocals
PelleK – Vocals
Stephen Averill – Bass
John Graney – Drums
Dawn Trigg – Keyboards



Linear Sphere – Manvantara Review

Linear Sphere – Manvantara Review via Myglobalmind Webzine

Link : http://linearsphere.com/


Jos Geron – Vocals

Jamie Brooks – Keys

Martin Goulding – Guitars

Nicholas Lowczowski – Drums

Steve Woodcock – Bass, Chapman Stick


01. Origin

02. Manvantara

03. Cycle Of Ages

04. Inner Flame

05. Reset Realign

06. The Dawning

Though MANVANTARA is actually second release from United Kingdom based Progressive Metal outfit LINEAR SPHERE, ….

read on 



Dreamcatcher is a UK metal band formed in 2008

Their first Album, SoulDesign, featuring guest vocals from Jacob Hansen (ex-Anubis Gate, Mercenary) was released in 2011

Their music is very melodic metal with slight prog influences, symphonic, epic and powerful. Very good indeed for a debut (and a step up from other melodic power metal releases, some of them seem to follow a blue print for songstructure and lyrics)

1. The Eyes Of One
2. Take Hold (featuring Jacob Hansen)
3. Balance
4. In the Depths of a Dream
5. My Sin
6. Never Look Back
* Plus hidden instrumental track!

Line up: Alexei Green (g)
Ben Scott (g)
Lukas Jackson (voc)
Adele Pease (keys)
Ross Lavery (dr)
Matt Hudson (b)


Lost In Thought

Lost In Thought are a progressive metal band from Wales / UK

They started out in 2007 and the first songs they recorded were convincing enough to get them a label deal.

The album Opus Arise was released in 2011 and recieved very good marks all round. Dynamic vocals, melodic songs, not over hard metal, a very listenable collection.

According to the Wiki page they have started recording a new album set for release late 2013 so lets look out for this

1. Beyond The Flames
2. Entity
3. Blood Red Diamond
4. Seek To Find
5. New Times Awaken
6. Delusional Abyss
7. Lost In Thoughts
8. Assimulate, Destroy

David Grey – Guitar
Greg Baker – Keyboards
Nate Loosemore – Vocals
Simon Pike – Bass
Rory O’Hare – Drums

Their homepage is down so look them up on facebook